I’m crying

Many people are worry about what the next person will say. In my mind, if they aren’t taking your next step then don’t worry. People will judge you no matter what. Me ? Yeah people judge me because I’m a 6’2 African American male with dread locks. In society I’m already label as a non educate Ni**a. Well what’s wrong, is I graduated high school my right year. YES MY RIGHT YEAR. and attended college right after high school. I’m currently enrolled at Cincinnati State and currently have a 3.4 GPA. Now tell me something, if I would have told you that would you have believed me ? Probably not, but it’s okay through. Reason why society label me as that is because society only sees the worst of African American males. Pants sagging, felons, non educate , stupid , drug dealer , I mean I can go on and on . But like I tell everyone , NO ONE IS FUCKING PERFECT. I’m getting my degree whether society says I can’t. To be honest society can kiss my ass ! So I’m going to show society I can make it in this world without being a rapper, or a pro athlete. I mean I dream about it. But everyone doesn’t get that chance. So society don’t be scared of me because I will always work hard for what I earned. Thank you !







seeing hot pictures of someone

Lmaaaao. No stop



Oh my god

**when people see my selfies